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✤ He was once a man…

┋He was once a man. A man of focus and will, with dreams and purpose. He had seen empires, and conquered them under his sword. A man of words, and action.

But now, as he lay against that grave of his, the flame was dimming, and nature had come collecting what belonged to it.┋

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✤ In foreign lands…

┋There was no shortage of differences between the castle and Fáel’s home. The floors were hard, and lacked the softness and rawness of Mother Earth. The ceilings covered, and shielded from nature. The beds were soft, and the pillows softer. And likely the worst of all, nobody who was anybody did anything on their own; there were slaves, many more than free men and women, and each attended to every of the other’s needs. It was almost like ants, cluttering for a rotten grape.┋

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✤ When you summon darkness, and get…..

┋At dawn, she had set to preparing. She would summon all manner of evil and devious things: hatred, fury, demons.
She dressed prettily. The day where her power would grow beyond reason was well suited to a gorgeous dress.
She drew the circle carefully, and infused with ethereal liquids.
Though, when she cast the magic, all she summoned was…. company. Small, little fuzzy company.┋

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