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✤ It’s spreading. . .

∴ I tried all that I could to stop it. I fought, and searched across the seven continents. Hope had served as a beacon to guide me, a light to show me darkness isn’t all there is. But alas, as I reach the final place, and hope still shines bright, the realization hits me. I take a breathe of air in, crumpled by the crushing sense of defeat – there is only one thing left to do. Accept that it is spreading.

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✤ Respite

┋Doing battle is seldom something one can do for extended periods of time. Even the most frightening, nightmarish warriors sometimes desire a respite from swinging and battering and killing. Sometimes, even the most toughened of men require the solace of the sun breathing down on them, the fresh breath of a glass in their hands. And I am no exception. And I am no exception.┋

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