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✤ A weave of magic; a weave of lies…

┋John: Magic’s just when you trick the universe into believing some incredibly outrageous lie. Believe me, I know what I’m talking about — I’ve told a few corkers in my time. Like any habitual liar, though, I spend far too much time these days trying to cover my grubby little tracks. All that bluster and bravado and bullshit — you get a right nasty headache just thinking about it.┋

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✤ Rid of you…

┋John: All I ever wanted was for the world to be free of your kind, whether you were here in Parliament on in senate or junta or Hell or Heaven. Maybe that’s pointless, then. Maybe the people are too small and scared to be free. Maybe they want you there, shitting all over them. But like a salesman who’s only too eager to sew up his market and stitch up his customers, you’re happy enough to exploit that. Aw, sod it. Sod you. For whatever it’s worth, you were always the enemy. So you can listen to what I have to say. Matt was right. I’m not ashamed. I’m not ashamed.┋

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✤ Thirty minutes…

┋He put the phone up and stole a quick look at the numbers.
‘For fuck’s sake!’ he thought. It had been what, over 20 minutes since he had called the valet for his car to be brought over. Why were they set on getting the worst of him out tonight?!┋

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