Tag: Stealthic

✤ Well, fine, then

┋”I caught you.” he smirked, and started into her eyes.
She folded her arms, and looked at him. “I didn’t ask you to.”
“I’ll drop you, then.” he raised his eyebrow a little.
“No.” she replied, and looked at him grumpily.┋

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✤ Home again

┋He felt anxious, as the servants rushed all around him. It felt surreal, like he was a part of a different world than them. He broke the stare into the mirror to catch a glance at the outside. The sun was blissfully heading to its sleep, and the world outside seemed to follow suit. Inside, a flicker of hope danced vividly, speaking its piece, that whatever resided in her, for him, had not followed the sun.┋

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