✤ Impossible n’est pas français

┋There’s a corner in my heart that is yours. And I don’t mean for no, or until I’ve found somebody else, I mean forever. I mean to say that whether I fall in love a thousand times over or once or never again, there’ll always be a small quiet place in my heart that belongs to you.┋
– Beau Taplin

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✤ IF

┋Philip I of Macedon to the Spartans: If I invade Laconia, you will be destroyed never to rise again!
The Spartans: If.┋

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✤ Tears

┋Ate the bread that once was stones
Fell from a cliff never broke a bone
Bowed down to get the kings overthrown
Now I’m all alone and the fires grown
And I’m all alone and the fires grown┋

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