Tag: LeLutka

✤ Finally, the air is thicker…

∴Something feels a little old
Just a little too familiar
Like I’ve done this all before, or read the story
And it’s fair, I suppose,
To dismiss it, obtrusive
Feel apart and not at home
Just like I’m used to.

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✤ Now that the battle’s over…

∴ Now that the battle was over, and he could finally remove his helmet, he looked into the distance. In stories, that’s where the future lies, bright and spilling with hope – a new beginning. But in his distance, the only thing to be found was the next battle… that was his light and hope.

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✤ 2020

New body – Legacy Male and New Head – LeLUTKA Guy.
I’m really pleased with this. There’s always room for improvement, and 2020 is going to be just that: improvement and evolution!

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