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✤ On an Angel’s heart

┋There’s a tale in the Caballa that suggests that the Angel of Death is so beautiful that upon seeing it (or him, or her) you fall in love so hard, so fast, that your soul is pulled out through your eyes. I like that story.┋

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✤ The joys of parenting …

┋It had been 20 years since Kulaan had finished his years at Hogwarts, and those years had not been kind to him. Between his Auror job and the kids, his self-care had gone down the drain faster than a bad love potion.┋

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✤ Lost in translation…

┋He looked with longing in the distance, as a smile crept on his lips and his forehead relaxed. To his right, bright, cheerful barks resounded. And behind the barks, a voice echoed ‘Well, he’s smiling! Finally! I kept telling him he’s awesome, but I don’t think he understands me…’┋

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✤ Dragons

┋“What do you know about dragons?”
“They’re big, scaly, four-legged creatures with wings who terrorized small villages until a virgin was offered up as a sacrifice.”
He grinned again. “I do miss the virgins.”┋
Katie MacAlister, You Slay Me

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