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✤ In foreign lands…

┋There was no shortage of differences between the castle and Fáel’s home. The floors were hard, and lacked the softness and rawness of Mother Earth. The ceilings covered, and shielded from nature. The beds were soft, and the pillows softer. And likely the worst of all, nobody who was anybody did anything on their own; there were slaves, many more than free men and women, and each attended to every of the other’s needs. It was almost like ants, cluttering for a rotten grape.┋

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✤ Requiescat in pace

┋When the gasping had stopped, he looked upon what he had done, with a neutral face. He had loved her, that much was known and now, she would dot the halls as yet another face, cold and uncaring. The silver lining was her pain was no more. She was free to embrace the world, to be worn, like all the others. She was dead, and in death, he set her free.┋

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