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✤ Thoughts…

┋I sit against this concrete, stare plastered like a Pollock painting on the opposite wall, replaying foggy scenes that have long gave their last breath. I seemingly see, like a seething seer, seeking to seep into the seeds of truth, every detail through the clouds of time.┋

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✤ Leaving the peace…

┋It had been so long … so long since he had had to fight. He hoped those days were past him.. the days of bloodshed, of screaming and death were long gone. Alas, the letter implied they were closer than he was expecting. With a great sigh, he reached for the chest in which he had stowed away his suit and saber. It was time to kill again…┋

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✤ IF

┋Philip I of Macedon to the Spartans: If I invade Laconia, you will be destroyed never to rise again!
The Spartans: If.┋

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